Resep Black chana masala (indian food) dan Cara Memasak

Black chana masala (indian food)

Makanan india satu ini menjadi favourite nya keluarga suami di india. Dan masaknya juga cukup simple dan mudah. Silahkan dicoba yah 😊 rasanya enak dan masuk dengan lidah kita orang Indonesia.


  1. Secukupnya kacang chana
  2. 1/2 pack kecil pure tomato paste
  3. 1/2 sdt kunyit bubuk
  4. 1/2 sdt cumin/zeera
  5. 4 buah cabai hijau + secukupnya daun ketumbar giling smpai halus
  6. Secukupnya garam sesuai selera
  7. 1 sdm vinegar/cuka makan
  8. Secukupnya air
  9. Secukupnya ghee/oil
  10. 1 sdt bawang putih + jahe halus
  11. 1 buah bawang bombay cincang kasar


  1. Rendam kacang chana nya full semalaman biarkan mengembang.

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  2. Lalu rebus kacang chana menggunakan presto agar lbh cepat, atau bisa juga menggunakan teknik 5-30-7. Rebus kacang chana, masukan 1sdt garam dan 1/2sdt bubuk kunyit lalu rebus sampai kacang chana nya bener2 empuk.

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  3. Selanjutnya siapkan wajan bersih, masukkan ghee atau minyak, masukkan 1buah bawang bombay yang sudah dicincang kasar, lalu oseng2 sampai kacang berwarna coklat muda. Lalu masukkan cumin/zeera, masukkan bubuk cabe, bubuk kunyit, cabe hijau+daun ketumbar yg sudah digiling halus, aduk2 lalu masukkan pasta tomat, garam dan secukupnya air. Aduk2 sampai tercampur rata dan airnya kering.

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  4. Lalu masukkan kacang chana nya kedalam bumbu, lalu tambahkan 1sdm cuka/vinegar, lalu sedikit air aduk2 sampai rata dan kering atau sesuai selera. Setelah itu tambahkan daun ketumbar aduk2 hingga rata.

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  5. Black chana masala siap di sajikan dengan taburan daun ketumbar dan bawang cincang kasar atau iris. Selamat mencoba 😊

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Chickpeas, or garbanzo beans, are at the heart of this classic Indian dish. This recipe uses our versatile Black (Desi) Garbanzo Beans, whole Serrano Chiles and a combination of traditional spices to create this satisfyingly spicy dish. Black Chana Masala is a dish made with black chickpeas (also known as black gram or kala chana). I always go for the dried variety (but you can get them tinned from Indian grocery stores). Kala Chana are dark brown in colour and have a very rough outer texture and are known to be packed full of nutrients. A classic Indian dish of black chickpeas simmered in a spiced tomato, chili and onion sauce Black Chana Masala Chana masala — or spiced chickpeas — is one of the most famous of traditional Indian dishes and a favorite of vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

Black Chana Tindora Masala per Kadle manoli. This Black Chana Tindora Masala aka Kadle manoli is a typical Mangalore dish. The masala used in this dish is coconut-based. The ground masala is grated coconut along with roasted coriander seeds and other spices. In the original recipe, she used Kashmir dry red chili. Get Chana Masala Recipe from Food Network. Drain the chickpeas, then combine them in a large Dutch oven with the baking soda, bay leaves, black tea bag, black cardamom, 1 teaspoon salt and 3 cups Kala Chana Masala is a perfect combination of black chana and spicy flavours. You can also serve it on its own as a salad or can serve it as a side dish along with your meal. It makes a good lunch box recipe too. It is spicy and very easy to make. Serve Kala Chana Masala along with Phulkas and Gujarati Dal for a perfect weekday meal.

saute on low flame, till the oil releases from tomato. now add 1 cup black chana or kala chana soaked overnight. saute for a minute. add 3 cups of water and mix well. cover and pressure cook for 8 whistles or till chana get cooked completely. now add ½ tsp garam masala, 2 tbsp coriander and mix well. finally, serve kala chana curry with rice Chana masala ([ˈtʃənaː məˈsaːlaː], literally 'mix-spiced small-chickpeas'), also known as channay, chole masala, chhole masala, chole or chholay (plural), is a dish originating from the Indian subcontinent. The main ingredient is a variety of chickpea called chana (चना) or kala chana ('black chana'). They are half the diameter of

Chana masala, also called chole masala, is a vegetarian and vegan Indian comfort food packed with flavor and perfect for dinner (or lunch) any day of the week! It also freezes beautifully, so it works well as a make-ahead freezer meal. 5. Add the boiled kala chana and stir it. Let it cook for 2 mins. 6. Add in all the spices: red chilli powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder, garam masala and salt to taste. 7. Mix all the masala well and cook for about 4 min. 8. Add some green chilli and cook for a minute. 9. Add the chopped coriander leaves and few drops of lemon juice. 10. Chana masala-stuffed sweet potatoes are perfectly spiced and incredibly filling | #COOKING. Samah Dada’s take on the classic Indian dish chana masala can be ready in under an hour so you can

5. Dwaraka Organic – Chana Masala, 3.5oz, Healthy, Organic, Non GMO, All Natural. Features : A blend of selected organic Indian spices used to prepare the famous Indian dish, Chana Masala. Traditional recipe of Chana Masala involves the use of many spices like garam masala, red chili powder, turmeric powder, some whole spices, and more. Chicken tikka masala: chicken cooked in a spicy tomato sauce flavored with masala spices. Daal tadka: yellow lentil soup flavored with garlic and ginger. Lamb vindaloo: a hot lamb curry made with lots of chili peppers (spicy food-lovers only) Chana masala: a tangy curry made of chickpeas in a masala-based sauce. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2021 Spice up FEELIN’ HOT HOT HOT! Celebrate 8-page Slimming World special WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2021 BRISTOL POST 1 National Curry Week with Slimming World £1 your life INSIDE Celebrate National Curry Week with our 8-page Slimming World recipe pullout INSIDE 22 recipes inside PROBE AFTER BOY ‘FORCED INTO CAR’ BLACK TO BUSINESS MAKING THEIR MARK FOCUS ON CITY’S